Health Science Technology Education (Vocational Experience) (Grades 8-12)

The opportunity to obtain an alternative teacher certification in health science technology education for eighth through twelfth graders is the chance to teach both a topic and a skill that is very relevant to finding a job for students once they have completed high school. Vocational training can help students who may or may not perform as well in a traditional school setting but can thrive with more hands on subjects.

What to Expect of the Alternative Certification Program

An alternative teaching certification program in health science technology will require both an academic and a technical background.  The academic component will require general education courses and is usually a combination of topics such as English, mathematics, history and speech communication. Experience in the medical technology components will also be required, whether it is dental hygiene, medical assistance and laboratory technology. 

The alternative certification expectations will usually require an internship or student teaching opportunity where the teaching professional can obtain hands on experience working with vocational high school students. This is an opportunity for a teaching professional to become familiar with class management and structure as well as some of the unique features of teaching skills rather than traditional education topics.

Teaching as a Health Science Technology Specialist

In addition to the technical aspects of the tools and equipment a student will need to become familiar with in order to be effective in their roles within the medical field, there are several other major components that will be necessary for students to learn in order to be effective should they pursue employment. The ability to work with patients, engage with other health professionals and complete the necessary communication materials such as forms, insurance papers and patient information is all critical for success. Educators of medical vocations also need to be informed of patient privacy laws as well as personal health and safety within the medical environment.


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